S.O.S. ‘Save Our Suburbs’


On Saturday, 29th August 2015, Party for Freedom members and supporters will be carrying out protests at auction sites across the northern suburbs of Sydney objecting to foreign nationals purchasing Australian residential property. Two weeks prior on the 15th August we held protests or flash mobs at three auction sites. The response was overwhelming with […]

Charity begins at home: Kim Vuga and Nick Folkes talk with the homeless

Food Van

On Saturday 1st August, Kim Vuga and Nick Folkes travelled to Belmore Park and Martin Place, Sydney to talk with the homeless and ask them how they feel about their dispossession, poverty and homelessness. It was a heart wrenching experience to witness our own people both white and aborigine living rough on the streets many […]

Nationwide Reclaim rallies shake the political foundations!


Written by Nick Folkes. Last weekend’s nationwide Reclaim rallies shook the foundations of the treasonous political establishment. Never before has the public witnessed such a firestorm of verbal hate and bigotry emanating from the pampered multicultural lobby and political elites who are finally being challenged for not listening to the peoples’ concerns. The Australian people […]

‘Protect Our Young From Pedo Scum’ Rally

Child pornogrpahy 2

The self-appointed “anti-racism” Czar Alex Gollan was arrested Wednesday night, 20th May 2015 and taken into Police custody for questioning. Police have charged him with 14 counts of possessing child pornography and inciting a victim under the age of 10 to commit an indecent act. Police have conducted a lengthy investigation into the dark world […]

‘Rally against the Chinese real estate invasion!’

Chinese flag on Opera House

Australia is under attack from greedy foreign intruders who are rapidly acquiring Australian residential property pricing locals out of the market. Aussie battlers are being pushed to the fringes of our cities while foreign intruders are reaping the benefits of hard working previous generations. The price of housing in Sydney and Melbourne has skyrocketed crushing […]

Anzac Day Centenary: Honour Your Heritage

Anzac Day Service

Whenever Anzac Day draws closer, the public is exposed to the most hurtful and divisive mainstream and alternative media commentary coming from freedom-hating leftist journalists and their taxpayer funded academic comrades. The left represents everything that is wrong with society, a demographic of no-hopers who frequently criticize our Anzac heritage and the monumental sacrifices and […]

Party for Freedom Fighting Back


Over the past couple of weeks, Party for Freedom activists have held two successful protests on two very important issues, both receiving media coverage. On Sunday, 12th April, freedom activists held a rally opposing halal animal cruelty at Australia’s first Halal Expo 2015, then on Sunday, 19th April, a counter-protest was held against the Refugee […]

Rally against Illegals!

Illegals on boat

On Sunday 19th April 2015, a motley outfit named Refugee Action Coalition will be holding a rally in Sydney calling upon the federal government to end mandatory detention of asylum seekers and closure of both Manus and Nauru detention centres. Our borders define our nation and without strong border protection policies Australia will cease to […]