Left or Right. Wrong is wrong!

Left or Right. Wrong is Wrong!

For too long most Australians have been unwilling to accept the sad reality that both Labor and Liberal do not represent our interests anymore. No doubt prior to the 1970s, both parties had their feet firmly on the ground and made decisions that reflected community sentiment and values, protecting our economic and social interests. Over […]

A rational response to cultural genocide celebrated on Harmony Day.

Dee Why signs

Harmony Day is a recent advent designed to advance the promotion and celebration of third world cultures in Australian schools at the expense of Australian and Western culture. Harmony Day is celebrated on the 21st March every year to coincide with the United Nations ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’. In other words, […]

Charity begins at home.

Homeless Glebe 3

The proverb ‘Charity begins at home’ expresses the prime importance of taking care of one’s family before caring for others. Regrettably, many members of our extended Australian family are doing it tough due to decades of failed government policies that have destroyed our economy and pushed many into poverty and despair. Poverty manifests itself in […]

‘Protest for Justice – End the hunger strike. Deport the bottom feeders!’


Party for Freedom is calling on Sydney Patriots to join us in counter protest this Thursday outside Sydney Town Hall. The Greens, refugee (invader) action groups, numerous employee Unions and a communist think tank are holding a weeklong hunger strike under the banner ‘Hunger for Justice’. The stupid stunt will manifest itself in the form […]

The Inconvenient Truth about Islam: Beheadings, Massacres & Jihad.


The public is awakening to the real Islam, a violent political ideology that is responsible for more suffering and hardship than any other ideology known to humankind. Yet Western leaders still refuse to accept the fact that Islam is a doctrine encouraging of beheadings, massacres and Jihad – Islamic principles contrary to Western human rights. […]

Fly our flag high on Australia Day to defy lefty trash.

Australia Day flags

The bankrupt left believes flying our nation’s flag on Australia Day is “racist”, a jingoistic insult to those who do not identify as Australian. The unpersuasive rhetoric highlights the shallowness and race obsession of the useful idiots eager to cling on to an irrelevant, broken cliché. In true cultural marxist fashion, Professor Farida Fozdar, a […]

Nothing to gain: Party for Freedom will not counter protest Hizb-ut-Tahrir’s Lakemba protest.


Over the past couple of days there has been a lot of talk on social media about Hizb-ut-Tahrir’s planned Friday 23rd January protest with many patriots calling for a counter rally. Party for Freedom has received a considerable amount of emails and phone enquiries from people all over Australia asking Party for Freedom to act […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas A

Christmas is a time for many Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as for families and friends to spend quality time together on Christmas Day and also over the holiday period. Regrettably, this year the Christmas spirit was interrupted by a pious Muslim named Sheikh Haron when he took 17 people […]