Muslim love triangle ends in murder.

Muslim love triangle ends in murder

Shoppers were thrown into chaos when Kazem Payam, an Iranian asylum seeker sought revenge against a fellow Iranian national at Westfield Parramatta last Tuesday plunging a knife into Nabil Naser’s chest. Apparently there was a long running dispute between both Muslim men who agreed to meet at the shopping centre to resolve their differences however […]

The new senate reality

The New Senate Reality

From the 1st of July, Australia has a new senate with 12 new senators joining 64 returning senators who will take their seats for next week’s first sitting. With the new senate comes a major change and new reality that the Greens no longer hold the balance of power – hooray! The infusion of new […]

Spot the Aussie!


Remember the days when someone would jokingly say ‘Spot the Aussie’? It used to be a joke but these days it has become a sad reality with so many cities and suburbs over-run with third world intruders, making many Australians feel uncomfortable at becoming a minority in their own suburb. If third world immigration continues […]

Stop Islamic child abuse: Say ‘No’ to Female Genital Mutilation


This is a call to protest! One of the nastiest and most barbaric cultural traits of the Islamic political ideology is the practice of female genital mutilation. FGM is increasingly becoming a bigger issue in Australia and other Western countries due to large-scale Muslim immigration supported by both socialist and conservative parties. Female genital mutilation […]

Tiananmen Square massacre: A reminder of the brutal Chinese government


The 4th June 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Many years have passed since the massacre however the Chinese government or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still controls the nation with an iron fist denying Chinese nationals basic human rights. The government remains a dictatorial one-party state that places curbs on freedom […]

“The people have spoken loud and clear”

marine le pen heartland

National Front leader Marine Le Pen is possibly the world’s most powerful woman after scoring an outstanding first place victory in European Parliament elections in France. The election also saw anti-third world immigration and Eurosceptic political parties in Britain, Denmark, Italy and Germany achieve solid electoral results. Marine Le Pen said, “ The people have […]

In memory of Lee Rigby.

Lee Rigby

On 22nd May 2013, two black Muslim converts Michael Adeboljao and Michael Adebowale ambushed British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London. The attack was so vicious the Muslim maniacs mutilated and almost decapitated Lee Rigby in broad daylight in front of shocked onlookers. The possessed Muslim butchers drove into Fusilier Rigby at nearly 70km per […]

Marxist lowlifes attack Party for Freedom activists

photo 3

Report by Nick Folkes. Party for Freedom activists attended the May Day rally in Sydney on Sunday 4th May 2014 to distribute party flyers calling for the protection of Australian jobs. Party members also proudly held placards with the following inscriptions: ‘QANTAS Keep it Australian’, ‘Deport Visa 457 workers’ and ‘Aussie jobs for Aussie workers’. […]