Rozelle Blast: The day multicultural terror visited my suburb.

Pic 4

At 4.10am on Thursday, 4th September, a massive explosion ripped through a Rozelle convenience store. The convenience store was blown to smithereens with the upstairs flats collapsing in the blast and ensuing fiery inferno. Regrettably, this act of terror resulted in the death of three Australians. The bodies were covered in rubble for days because […]

‘Living with Abe, not an Enemy!’ SBS TV Episode 3 Immigration

Nick & Abraham

Written by Nick Folkes. Earlier in the year I was approached by Shine, a TV production company that specialises in reality TV programs to appear in a new television series called ‘Living with the Enemy’. Living with the Enemy is a six part series that explores [Read more]

The bums of Afghanistan.

Afghan '420' gang

One would think displaced Afghans re-settled in Australia by successive Labor and Liberal governments would be eternally grateful to the Australian people and nation for accepting them, giving them an opportunity to start a new life in a peaceful and tolerant nation. Instead, this kindness and generosity is being repaid with acts of violent anti-social […]

Sergio’s Story: The Bullies will not win!

Socialists attacking mural

This is an invitation to hear Sergio Redegalli speak. It is not easy standing up against the forces of darkness in a politically correct world. What used to be considered normal and acceptable is now seen as evil and obsolete. The forces of darkness can be many things to different people but in the context […]

Abbott shuns local workers in favour of Asian sweatshops.

Rossi Boots

Last year Tony Abbott made a lot of pre-federal election promises including that his Liberal government would create over one million jobs in their first five years in office. So far, his job creation promise has fallen flat with record job losses being announced over the past 6 months. As of 1st July 2014, Australia’s […]

Pro-Islam fascists attack Freedom activists

Woolies Ramadan 3

Party for Freedom was hoping to hold a peaceful and lawful protest on Saturday, 26th July outside Woolworths’ store in Marrickville, but yet again it exploded into chaos when hard left ideologues from various anarchist and socialist groups including ANTIFA and Socialist Alliance joined with the Muslim Defence League opposing our protest. Two weeks prior […]

Muslim love triangle ends in murder.

Muslim love triangle ends in murder

Shoppers were thrown into chaos when Kazem Payam, an Iranian asylum seeker sought revenge against a fellow Iranian national at Westfield Parramatta last Tuesday plunging a knife into Nabil Naser’s chest. Apparently there was a long running dispute between both Muslim men who agreed to meet at the shopping centre to resolve their differences however […]