Is the ‘Asian Invasion’ real?

Chinese opera-house

It’s official – Australia is up for sale! Both the Liberal and Labor parties support the Chinese real estate invasion while Australian families are priced out of the property market, forcing many to the fringes of society. The heartless campaign to drive Australian families out of the suburbs and inner city areas of Sydney, Melbourne […]

“We’ve got a slut, Bro”.

Skaf Brothers

Sydney is fast becoming a dangerous third world ghetto with many no-go zones, a city synonymous with ethnic crime. Not a day goes by without another sexual assault, gang rape, bashing, murder, drive-by shooting or stabbing reported in the media. The perpetrators are overwhelming of Middle Eastern (Muslim), African or Pacific Islander “appearance”. On Wednesday […]

Aussie Jobs for Aussie workers protest!

Australia map

The Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison has cobbled together an “independent” panel to review ‘labour market testing’ for prospective temporary foreign workers or 457 Visa holders. The so-called independent panel is stacked with big eaters including John Azaris of Deloitte Australia, Peter McDonald of Australian National University, Katie Malyon or Ernst and Young and Jenny Lambert […]

Fundraising Campaign


The Party for Freedom needs your financial contributions to fund the printing of party flyers. The new flyers will highlight a range of real issues facing our people and nation, giving the Australian people an opportunity to be informed about Party for Freedom’s message and policies. The colour flyers are professionally designed and printed in […]

Abbott – the Australian job destroyer! A call to protest!

Abbott 1

At the last federal election, the incoming new government headed by Tony Abbott made sensational promises of creating over 1,000,000 new jobs over the next five years. A ridiculous and heartless pledge by a man who knows all too well that it is impossible to achieve. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has predicted the […]

Fair Suck of the Sav


Book written by Larry Adams Australian slang is full of wonderful and bizarre sayings and one of the most interesting and laughable expressions is ‘Fair suck of the Sav’ which translates as ‘fair go’ or ‘you have got to be kidding, mate’. Many Australians today feel they are not given a ‘fair go’ due to […]

Leftist intimidation tries to shut down free speech


Party for Freedom’s planned Thursday night African Crime Forum was to be held at Humanist House, Chippendale, however due to aggressive threats and intimidation made by anonymous leftists to the cowardly Humanist management, the organisation has cancelled the event denying our right to exercise our free speech on an important issue. Also our party website […]

African Crime Forum


On Thursday night, 6th February, the people of Sydney will have a unique opportunity to be involved in a forum debating the problems associated with the resettlement of African “refugees” and migrants in Australia. The night is bound to stir passion, and create interesting discussion. Over the years, some members of the African community have […]