Immigration Minister loses to APP activists

Report from Nick Folkes

Time and time again Chris Bowen has proven to be a disappointment to the Australian public due to his utter incompetence, vacuous positions and constant charades. This is the same minister who put together FuelWatch and GroceryChoice with dethroned Kevin Rudd. Unfortunately for the people of Australia, Bowen now oversees the portfolio of Immigration and Citizenship with dire consequences.

While listening to 2GB radio on Friday 13th May a couple of irate Fairfield residents alerted listeners to Chris Bowen’s Sunday BBQ at South-Western Regional Park. The 2GB callers complained about Chris Bowen and his poor performance handling the asylum shopper explosion that has seen Australia accept record numbers of illegal boatpeople due to a lack of legislation and enforcement. Chris would have to be one of the clumsiest frontbenchers known to the public, with a sad record to prove his uselessness. In all honestly, Chris Bowen is as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

In the previous weeks, Chris Bowen’s office had circulated a flyer promoting the Sunday BBQ to Fairfield residents. The flyer encouraged residents in the local area to come along, ask questions and dine on taxpayer-funded sausage sandwiches.

After hearing about the feel-good lefty sausage fest over the radio, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to personally meet Bowen in the park and ask some tough questions. The “genius” multicultural proponent was in our sights. A group of Protectionist members and supporters agreed to come along and confront Bowen in the park.

Bowen and his staffers were clearly rattled when they saw us approach and make the long march to the hotplates. One of his staffers in charge of the BBQ was shaking and visibly upset that their warm and fuzzy halal certified BBQ was about to go mainstream.

Listening to Bowen from a short distance we could ascertain that the invited McMahon electors weren’t asking Bowen any serious questions on the asylum seeker crisis which has been destroying Australia’s once-envied border protection. I introduced myself to Bowen and shook his hand. I asked if it was fine to ask some questions, to which he agreed.

However, it was soon abundantly clear that Bowen was out of his depth dealing with this most important portfolio, as his answers dictated a man in distress. As soon as we started asking serious questions, many of the other attendees followed our example. Heated, yet amicable, conversation continued for 30 minutes until Chris decided he couldn’t bear any more humiliation at the hands of grassroots political activists. He rudely interrupted and said, “You have had your fun, now please leave me alone”.

We left Chris in a cloud of burnt sausages and travelled down to the park bridge. Chris would have to cross the bridge to gain access to his car so we decided to set up our protest on the bridge and make sure Bowen the Troll didn’t slip under the bridge. We held our placards and Aussie flags proudly to give him one more final hurrah. We lined the bridge and gave him a salute to remember. Chris was again undoubtedly one sorry and confused individual as he raced past us over the bridge to his car and escaped from the clutches of realism and the viewpoints of everyday Australians.

There is no doubt Bowen has his greasy fingers all over the recently announced half-baked Malaysian solution. This is yet another example of a government making policy on the run. It is clear Bowen and Gillard are at the helm of a sinking ship with no rudder. The recalcitrant Malaysians must be rubbing their hands in glee at such a preferential deal whereby Australia deports 800 illegal boatpeople and accepts 4,000 asylum shoppers in return. Most of the 4,000 asylum shoppers who will be resettled in Australia (“the land of the big Centrelink hand-outs”) are Rohingya Burmese, an ethnic Muslim minority from Burma and Bangladesh. Again, the hapless Australian taxpayer will foot a bill in excess of $330 million. What a spectacular waste of our money.

Gillard believes this is the first step in creating a regional solution to the issue. This is the same galoot who wouldn’t reopen the Nauru Island detention facility because Nauru isn’t a signatory to the UN refugee convention. Gillard and Bowen have now opened the door to Malaysia and possibly Thailand, both whom are not signatories to the UN convention, to possible offshore processing. The boat people keep arriving, yet Bowen could not say where the illegal asylum shoppers would be sent, because the Labor-Green coalition government has signed no bilateral arrangement with Malaysia, PNG, East Timor or anywhere else. This is a panicked announcement from a government in despair.

It is not very often you get the French, Germans and British to agree, but they did a few months ago by declaring multiculturalism a failure. Bowen has decided to ignore the warnings coming out of the Europe in regard to the complete failure of a liberal utopian fairytale called multiculturalism. Bowen believes Australian multiculturalism is different to European multiculturalism, but failed to elaborate.

Bowen said, “multiculturalism is about mutual respect”. Mutual respect has nothing to do with multicultural policy. State-sanctioned multiculturalism not only divides society, but it also deceives us when as it places Third World and barbaric cultures on equal par with our better developed Australia culture, which is derived from Western civilisation. A quote attributed to Albert Einstein is “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. I don’t think any sane citizen could challenge that definition, except for the useful idiot Bowen.

Last Australia Day, Bowen said “The Australian flag should not be changed as the vast majority of Australians support the current design”. Well, the vast majority of Australians also support tougher border protection policies through legislation.

The forgotten people of Australia deserve better than a Minister who lives in a perpetual world of spin, mismanagement and deceit.


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  2. Bowen – as good as ten vacancies. And what a convoluted mess this joker has made of our country. I look forward to the whole labor/greens/turncoat outfit being booted out of office with a vengeance this year. I trust every one of them will then go on the unemployable srap heap. That is their just dessert in my view!

    • Nick Folkes says:

      I agree, Justin. Bowen is the most impotent joker in Labor’s frontbench. Bowen is a small man with small ideas – typical fabian labor scum. The Labor party are a pack of bastards and deserve nothing but our contempt and anger.


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